Dallas Texas Pellet Grills

The only thing in this world that is better than Texas barbecue is Texas barbecue on a pellet grill in your own backyard. Keep up the Texas tradition in Dallas Texas with a pellet grill or a smoker from Pitts and Spitts. We proudly serve our high quality grills to the Dallas Texas area.

With Pitts and Spitts, you get more than just another grill. You get another part to add to your home. Our pellet grills and smokers make any outdoor kitchen area look and function better. Our grills are handmade to provide a high quality product, and we make custom grills to fulfill special needs that you may have.

Here are some of the grills and products that we provide to Dallas Texas

Pellet Grills


Outdoor Kitchens


Rubs and Apparel

If you are looking for the best grill or smoker in Dallas Texas, check out our grills or head to one of our dealers near you.