Grilled Tomato Juice for Cocktails


After grilling some tomatoes on the Pitts & Spitts, we used the juice to create Micheladas and Bloody Marys!

Michelada Ingredients:

Six large tomatoes
One lime 
Pitts & Spitts Hot & Spicy Seasoning
Dash of wasabi and dash of worcestershire sauce
Mexican beer of your choice

Bloody Mary Ingredients:

2 oz vodka
One lemon
1/2 tsp horseradish
1/2 tsp worcestershire sauce
1/4 tsp soy sauce
1/4 tsp hot sauce
Optional – Dash of black pepper and/or Pitts & Spitts Hot & Spicy Seasoning for garnish, as well as celery, spicy pickled okra and spicy pickled green bean for garnish

Michelada Instructions:

Cut your tomatoes in half, and put them on your Maverick 1250 (set to 425°) for 5 minutes on the fleshy side then for 15 minutes on the other side. When they are finished, peel off the skin and place the remaining pieces into the juicing attachment of your stand mixer, then cool the juice overnight. When we’re ready to start putting our cocktail together, we like to add a quarter of lime juice and some hot & spicy seasoning to the rim of our glass. We then pour in half of the grilled tomato juice (which will be about 4 of the 8 oz.) and had a dash of wasabi and of worcestershire sauce. The final step is to pour in your beer, garnish with a lime slice, and enjoy!

Bloody Mary  Instructions:

For the Bloody Mary, pour the remaining tomato juice into a glass, along with 2 ounces of vodka. The other components are up to you, but we added juice from a quarter of a lemon, half a teaspoon of horseradish and of worcestershire sauce and a quarter of a teaspoon of soy sauce and of hot sauce. On top, we sprinkled on some black pepper and some hot & spicy seasoning, along with celery, pickled okra, pickled green bean and a lemon wedge.

This is a unique way to add even more flavor to the cocktails you enjoy during backyard barbecues, family dinners, date nights and happy hours.


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