BBQ Rubs


There are a ton of ways to create some amazing and mouth watering ribs. From marinades to heating tricks to sauces, there is no shortage of ways to cook ribs. The best ribs, though, come from a nice BBQ rub.

Barbecue Rubs come in both Dry and Wet rubs. Dry rubs should be applied to the skin to season the meat. Spread the rub evenly on the meat to coat it and deliver an even flavor. Wet rubs are more likely to mix with the juices from the meat and can be used as a marinade. To make a wet rub, mix a wet substance like oil or Worcestershire sauce to the rub and then apply it. This can also add moisture to your meat.

Check out some of our amazing award winning dry BBQ rubs down below. We have flavors that are guaranteed to deliver you some of the most flavorful meat you’ve ever tasted.

Pitts & Spitts BBQ Rubs