BBQ Seasoning



Meet Your Spice:
With just the right amount of sweet and smokey, this one reminds us of our Grandpa’s secret spice rub. This is an everyday spice you’ll be putting on much more than BBQ.

What Our Pitmasters Say:
“Traces of brown sugar are intertwined with sublte notes of smoke and garlic.”

Goes Great With:
Brisket, ribs, steak, BBQ chicken, and grilled chicken wings.

Blending Recommendations:
Try blending with our Sweet Spice to capture that Kansas City style BBQ flavor.

Sizes Available:
16 oz. and 7 lbs.



  • Stainless Steel Maverick 2000 Wood Pellet Grill

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  • Stainless Steel Maverick 850 Wood Pellet Grill

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  • Spice Rub 3-Pack (Popular)

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  • NEW Silicone Nitride Replacement Hot Rod For Maverick Pellet Grill

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