Steak Seasoning



Meet Your Spice:
For that true Tex-Mex flavor, this spice brings to mind a hot skillet plate of fajitas being brought to the table at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

What Our Pitmasters Say:
“Salt, pepper, grilled onions, smoked garlic — multiple layers of flavor come through without the heat.”

Goes Great With:
Beef or chicken fajitas, steak, venison back strap, grilled game birds, asparagus and squash.

Blending Recommendations:
Find your happy medium of heat by blending with the Hot & Spicy to taste.

Sizes Available:
16 oz. and 7 lbs.


  • Rib Rub

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  • Cover For Ultimate Upright Smoker Pit

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  • Replacement Firebox Door Handle

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  • Pitts & Spitts Official Trucker Cap

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