Sweet & Spicy



Meet Your Spice:
Begins with a savory sweet flavor and finishes with just a touch of heat.What Our Pitmasters Say:
“Starts off a little sweet and then the cayenne adds a spicy heat to finish this perfectly balanced mix.”Goes Great With:
Boston butts, pork belly, grilled chicken, roasted green vegetables, grilled peaches and baked potatoes.Blending Recommendations:
Turn this one up or down by adding more Hot & Spicy or Sweet. Also blends nicely with Rib Rub for a unique take on pork dishes.

Sizes Available:
16 oz. and 7 lbs.


  • Replacement Lid / Side Steak Grill Handle

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  • Replacement Hot Rod / Igniter For Maverick Pellet Grill

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  • Burnpot

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  • The Hybrid

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