18×30 Pellet Grill


24×36 Pellet Grill


Shown with optional trapdoor drip pan upgrade




  • Smoke or grill with real wood fire
  • Push button thermostat controls temperature
  • From low and slow smoking to high heat grilling with no flare ups
  • Keeps heat and odors outside while cooking almost anything
  • Cooks bacon with no cleanup
  • Spend more time with your family or watching the game while the controller does the work
  • Uses 100% hardwood pellets so no need to store or handle wood logs


By way of an auger which is turned by an electric motor, pellets are fed into a firepot. A hot rod in the firepot ignites the pellets. Once lit, a small fan keeps the pellets burning to achieve the desired temperature. A fan inside the hopper works in tandem with a thermostat mounted inside the grill to reach and maintain temperatures.

Trapdoor Drip Pan

for Pellet Grill



(18×30 and 24×36)



  • Welded construction of barrel, lid, and legs — no sheet metal screws or pop rivets
  • Same heavy gauge metal as our traditional offset smokers
  • Stainless steel roll top lid, front shelf, and rain cap
  • Roll top lid allows for full shelf use
  • Front shelf comes standard with tool hooks and paper tool rack
  • 35 lb. hopper uses less than 1 lb. of pellets per hour at 275 degrees when burning Pitts & Spitts hardwood pellets
  • 4 heavy duty casters and welded handles for ease of repositioning
  • Barrel design and construction produces a more even temperature throughout the grill
  • Less than 10 degrees in temperature fluctuation; competitors tend to be in the 30 degree range
    800+ sq. inches of cooking surface
  • You can smoke at temps as low as 180 degrees or grill at temps as high as 650 degrees using our trap-door drip pan
  • Comes standard with two full-size cooking grates for maximized cooking surface
  • Made right here in Houston
  • Proprietary line of pellets that burn more efficiently and cleanly for that hardwood flavor


  • What grade of stainless steel are the lid and front shelf?
    • 304 marine grade stainless
  • What are the dimensions of the grill?
    • On our 18×30, the cooking chamber is  18” deep x 22.5” tall  x 30” wide; overall width is about 48” including handles and hopper
    • On our 24×36, the cooking chamber is  24” deep x 24” tall  x 36” wide; overall width is about 54” including handles and hopper
  • What is the weight of the unit?
    • Approx. 225 lbs to 275 lbs, depending on the model
  • Are two cooking grates included or is that an upgrade?
    • Unlike most other brands, two grates are included in our standard model; the bottom grate is stainless steel rod and the top grate is expanded metal; both are slide out
  • How consistent is the temperature from left to right?
    • Very — you can expect variations to be less than 10 degrees; when smoking at lower temps, the difference is even smaller
  • How accurate is the PID controller to the internal temp?
    • Very – see point on temperature consistency
  • Is there meat a probe on the PID controller?
    • Yes
  • Warranty?
    • 1 year on parts; 3 years on controller, 10 years on barrel
  • Is there customer service if an electrical components fail?
    • Yes we can trouble shoot over the phone; if necessary we can send a tech to your house or you can bring your grill in

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