Can your Maverick Pellet Grill Perform like an Offset Smoker?


Want to still play with fire but love your Maverick? Want to add some stick burner style smoke to your cook? Enter the Smoke Cage. The Pitts & Spitts Smoke Cage is an insert for your Maverick Pellet Grill where you can replicate a traditional live fire. It sits next to the burn pot so the circulated air fans the flames and has a slide to feed small wood chunks in during the cook so you can feed the fire. 

Don’t just listen to us. Watch Steve Gow from Smoke Trails BBQ put the Smoke Cage to the test cooking a brisket on his Maverick 1250.

2 Responses

    1. Clean vs. dirty smoke is determined by the wood you use. If the wood is seasoned correctly, the smoke will be clean. During testing we did not run into any issue with grease causing a grease fire on the chute. If it is a concern, you can foil your drop pan to direct the flow to either side.

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