Grilled Redfish on the Rendezvous Travel Pellet Grill


For a healthy and tasty meal option, consider using your Pitts & Spitts for grilled redfish. Follow the steps here, serve it with some rice and veggies, and enjoy!


Redfish or snapper
Thinly sliced lemon
Pitts & Spitts All-Purpose Spice Rub


Fillet your fish on the half shell.
Cover it in all-purpose spice rub and thinly sliced lemons.
Place it in the Rendezvous Travel Pellet Grill at 425° and for 20 minutes. 
After that time, feel free to add some butter on top, to enhance the flavors even further.
Grill it for 15-20 minutes more. Once it’s flaky, it’s done, so serve it up with some rice and veggies, and enjoy!

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