How to Cook the Best Smoked Turkey on a Pellet Grill


There’s nothing better than a home cooked turkey on Thanksgiving Day. If you’re responsible for the Thanksgiving meal this year, this smoked turkey recipe will help you cook your best turkey yet. Using a pellet grill to smoke your turkey is a great option so you can enjoy family and friends and let the pellet grill do most of the work.

Here’s what you’ll need for the best smoked turkey: 
Pitts & Spitts Brine Box
Foil pan
2-3 gallons of water

This year, we’ve launched a Pitts & Spitts Brine Box to make this smoked turkey not only the best you’ve ever had, but equally as easy. The brine box comes with 2 brine seasoning packs, 2 brine bags and 1 full-sized jar of our signature BBQ rub. The Pitts & Spitts brine is a garlic and herb mixture that will make your turkey tender and juicy. It’s also a wet brine and will go in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours, so be sure to give yourself enough time and start this process the day before you plan to smoke the turkey. 

Alright, now back to the turkey. First, you’ll want to make sure the entire turkey is cleaned out and all the giblets are removed. This will be a traditional style, so we will not spatchcock this bird. Take one brine bag and place it in a foil pan. The foil pan will help keep the bag sturdy and is a safety net if anything leaks out of the bag in the refrigerator. Using one gallon jug of water, pour 1 brine pouch into the gallon jug and shake. Pour the mixture into the brine bag, then place the turkey into the bag. The bird should be halfway covered with the water/brine mixture. Cover the turkey with more water until the bird is fully covered. Place the turkey into the refrigerator overnight.

It’s turkey day! Set your pellet grill to 375°. Pour out the brine and place the turkey into a foil pan. Give the turkey a generous dose of the Pitts & Spitts Signature BBQ Rub covering the entire bird. Put the turkey on the bottom rack of the pellet grill for about 3 – 5 hours. We’re really cooking for temperature more so than time, you want to hit 165° in the breast and 175° in the leg. Once you reach the desired temperature, remove from pellet grill and let it rest for 30 minutes. Carve, and get ready to blow your guests away with the best smoked turkey they’ve ever had!

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