10 Foods to Cook on Your Pellet Grill


When we think about what to cook on the pellet grill, we often think BBQ – brisket, ribs, chicken, all the meats. But the reality is that you can cook pretty much anything on a pellet grill. Not only is it a smoker, but it’s also a convection oven, meaning you can cook anything from desserts, to vegetables, to even smoked cocktails! In this blog post we’re going to share 10 foods you can cook on your pellet grill that isn’t BBQ. Enjoy! 

Our griddle for the pellet grill is the perfect way take your brunch to the next level. You can cook your bacon or sausage, eggs and even toast up some tortillas all in one place. Give omelets a try too! 

Apple pie
Or any kind of pie, really. For baked goods, set the grill to 375 and bake it until a golden crust forms. If you’re worried about your sweet treats getting an overly smokey flavor, don’t fret! When setting the grill to a higher temperature and using it as a grill, the smoke won’t be as strong and it will give you a nice kiss of smoke flavor. Of course if you want more smoke, start it off at a lower temperature for the first few minutes.

Bloody Mary
Ever tried a smoked Bloody Mary? This is the perfect recipe to enjoy for upcoming football season. Smoke your tomatoes and then juice them for a smokey flavor. Read the full recipe here

With the griddle, you can cook your protein, vegetables, and fried rice effortlessly. Your guests will love this dinner and a show! 

Macaroni and cheese
Don’t forget about sides! Simple and packed with flavor, this dish is great for pellet grill beginners. 

Set your grill to 400 and open the trap door to get a direct flame. Not only does it taste fantastic, but it’s also simple and quick. Use our modular grating system and you’ll never cook fish any other way.

Think a huge plate of gameday nachos — brisket, cheese, jalapeños, beans, the works. Doesn’t get much better than that! 

Bone Broth
Cook a whole chicken on your pellet grill and use all the bones to make a savory bone broth. 

Smoked queso
A Texas favorite. Cook your queso low and slow for some serious wood-fired flavor. 

Dinner rolls
Throw on some dinner rolls to serve with pulled port or brisket and prepared to be amazed! 

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