Smoked Pork Ribs, Any Way You Want It


How do you like your ribs seasoned? A little sweetness? Some spice? That classic barbecue flavor? With our range of seasonings, rubs and spices, you can enjoy it all and more.

When cooking up ribs, we like to use something different on each rack, such as a blend of all-purpose rub and rib rub on one, sweet and spicy on some and BBQ seasoning on another. Follow along with our latest recipe for the best smoked pork ribs, done on the Pitts & Spitts Maverick 2000 wood pellet grill.

Instructions: Choose your seasoning(s). We went with a blend of all-purpose rub and rib rub on one rack, sweet and spicy on some, and BBQ seasoning on another. Cook on the Maverick 2000 at 275° for 2 hours. Then, wrap some of the ribs in foil and cook them for another 2 hours. (The ones that are not wrapped will appeal to those who don’t enjoy the meat falling right off the bone.) After that, open up the foil and cook for a final hour. Enjoy!

Ingredients: -Ribs, such as some baby back or St. Louis spare ribs -Seasonings, such as our all-purpose rubrib rubsweet and spicy seasoning and BBQ seasoning


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  1. Just got my 850 today, love it, would like a trap door and cover, hopefully tomorrow we’ll cook some chicken, gave up kamado joe

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