Turkey Day The Pitts & Spitts Way


No Thanksgiving meal is complete without the main attraction: the turkey. This year, fire up your Pitts & Spitts, grab some of our BBQ Seasoning, and serve up a juicy, moist, and tasty bird.

Get the step-by-step instructions here, and have a very happy Thanksgiving!


A turkeySaltPitts & Spitts BBQ Seasoning


Dry brine the turkey overnight by lifting up the skin and putting salt on the meat (about 1/2 cup of salt total).
When you start preparing the turkey, flip it over to get to the back and to cut out the spine.
Next, lay it flat, and cover it in Pitts & Spitts BBQ Seasoning.
Cook it at 350° for 4-5 hours (looking to hit 165° for the breast and 175° for the legs).


2 Responses

  1. I LOVE my P&S Maverick 1250!!
    You guys provide one HELL of a SUPERB smoker! I have owned mine for 2 years now, use it constantly, and I personally feel after all this time, that no other company can provide a product as built as well as your smoker is built, nor provide a better smoked product off of its racks, as well as what the Pitts smoker provides!!.

    I fervently hope that your great company continues to grow in sales, and prospers in the many, MANY years to come!

  2. Ronald: Try the Flat Top adjustable charcoal grill. I’ve had the 1250 for over 5 years…….was in the market for a charcoal grill and landed on the Flat Top Grill after considering all factors. When I got it I was amazed that the quality of workmanship/design was the same high quality of my 1250. The beauty of the Flat Top is the fire table moves up and down and makes control much easier.

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